JoAnne Lake: Bladder and Bowel Health

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Beyond Embarrassment, reclaiming your life with neurogenic bladder and bowel
by JoAnne Lake and Julia Parker
5.0 rating on 22 customer reviews
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About Book

One woman’s story of taking her life back from bladder and bowel problems. Personal stories, health tips, practical help, and the latest medical research. A ready resource for women and parents of children who live with a chronic illness—and anyone who faces a challenging physical condition—this is a story that will educate, encourage, and inspire.





What people are saying

Lake’s debut offers a candid memoir of her experience with neurogenic bladder and a wealth of practical advice about coping with its daily complications. – Kirkus Reviews

An absolute “must read” for anyone having to deal with a neurogenic bladder condition, and in view of our increasingly aging general population, “Beyond Embarrassment” is a vitally important and strongly recommended addition to community Health/Medicine reference collections. Exceptionally well written and thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ in organization and presentation. – Midwest Book Review



About Author

JoAnne Lake, a farm girl from Prunedale, California, is an insistent patient (forthright and wordy) because she is one of five million people in America with bladder problems and wants to start a conversation. She likes to tell it like it is.The secret of her success is embracing the state of affairs with luminosity and honesty by taking the punch away.JoAnne does not want to be remembered in connection to the toilet, yet she sees toileting dysfunction as the last frontier of subjects that needs to have a mature conversation. Her writings come from life experiences and emotions as a patient, mother, educator, and friend. After journaling her private thoughts and feelings, she started writing a highly successful blog in 2012 to educate and inspire others with bladder and bowel problems. This is her first book.

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Chatting with the author:

Tell in one paragraph why people should buy your book:
JoAnne’s story is engaging. It inspires, while offering suggestions for managing life’s hurdles. In an honest, will-to-succeed style, this journey focuses on neurogenic bladder and bowel condition in which a person lacks control due to a brain spinal cord or nerve condition. The source can be aging, a chronic health condition, trauma, or many other causes. Often called an under active or over active bladder or bowel, its symptoms vary but the difficult daily reality is shared.
• Valuable guide, much like a fresh prescription filled with practical advice
• Educates, empathizes, and encourages women who struggle with the same health issue
• Written with a girlfriend-to girlfriend feel, sharing the path to survival and success
• Sprinkled with Tips and Knowledge Nuggets that high light poin

Why did your write this book?
I was frustrated and wanted answers. I started my blog first. The book is an offshoot of my blog.

How do you market your book and what helped the most for your personal sales?
I sell through my blog, Booksellers, and medical supply companies.