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Adventures with Ragweed: A Collection of Whimsical Tales
by Linda Lou Crosby
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Short Stories
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About Book

“Adventures with Ragweed” is a collection of whimsical tales – a tribute to the impish part of each of us. Follow this young teen, with her unruly blond hair and freckles, and her best friend, Marney, as they build a float, fry eggs on the sidewalk, grow an unplanned garden, and hold on for dear life in a runaway lawn mower. Ragweed is always getting into unintentional trouble, while conning her friends and family to partake. Each task is done with Ragweed’s own unique view of the world.



What people are saying

This little book by Linda Lou Crosby is absolutely delightful! A great read for all ages! Moms and Pops have their hands full with Ragweed and her adventures. You can’t help but wonder where the next escapade takes Ragweed. Whether it’s gardening, tennis or horseback riding, you’ll enjoy this mischievous character and her friend Marney! Great fun!! – Amazon Review

About Author

Above all, Linda Lou Crosby is an adventurer; a former Wimbledon tennis player, a 4-wheel drive wrangler, a discoverer of 32 degree reservoir water, an Emmy nominated video producer, a traveling western theater director, and a wagon train photographer, who lives in the tiny town of Ingomar (pop. 12) in Eastern Montana. Linda Lou is continually contemplating the potential of new plans and somewhat outlandish ideas, for her, her family and her friends – be they willing or not. In between adventures, Crosby writes.

Chatting with the Author:

Tell in one paragraph why people should buy your book:
My “Adventures with Ragweed” book is entertaining in a unique, fun loving way. It let’s all of us know, especially youngsters, that although life has its ups and downs, it’s OK. In fact, life’s exploits do make for some hilarious stories (although sometimes it takes awhile to see the humor). Not to mention, it really is fun to bring your best friends, and especially parents, on your enterprises, although that wasn’t exactly what they had in mind.

Why did your write this book?
I wrote this book to enjoy a good laugh, with my family, friends and readers to be. And also, my mother told me to. Mother shared the stories I would tell her about my adventurous life with her beautician, and everyone at the beauty shop would wait expectantly for the next episode. My husband thought I should write about Ragweed, as he thinks that I resemble Ragweed in (too) many ways. It was also exciting to bring Ragweed to life through the great illustrations by Andy Atkins. So with the encouragement of my family and friends, I wrote the book.

How do you market your book and what helped the most for your personal sales?
Book signings have helped. Also, having hired a knowledgeable editor with genius public relations and electronic skills made a big difference.