Ruth Lindemann: A different look at the Holocaust

To Survive is not Enough



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To Survive Is Not Enough Paperback
by Ruth Lindemann
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About Book:
Snatched from a near certain death in a concentration camp, Hedy is taken to a totally strange environment in an opulent villa in Berlin. This is the residence of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, and she is forced to live in his harem for nearly 3 years. Here the rules were unknown but the punishment swift. In a twist of events she is helped to escape by the Mufti’s trusted secretary, the mysterious Omar. As a very young man Oskar Menkes becomes Omar Amadhi, a private secretary to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, one of the most evil men of the 20th Century. In that capacity, he risks his life on a daily basis to save the lives of countless Jewish children and help to further the Zionist cause. Overcoming the precarious situation of an illegal immigrant in pre-Israel Palestine, this indomitable young woman finds life is worth fighting for.




What people are saying

Wonderful easy read with unexpected and exciting twists and turns. The Holocaust told like never before! Taking in World War II, Europe and the Middle East. Muslim, Catholic and Jewish faiths. A+ Recommended. I hope the author continues with another book, another story, please. – Amazon Review



About Author:

Born in Vienna, Austria Feb. 15, 1933 Left Vienna for the U.S.A in 1940 due to Nazi persecution. Grew up in the Northwest, went to 14 different schools in 12 years.Was married to first husband 56 years. We had 3 children and lived in Portland, Oregon for 60 years. I was Chapter President of Hadassah.Have Bachelor degree in Business Management, associate degree in journalism, worked as income tax consultant for H&R Block and served as area representative for student exchange program. Speak regularly at Tolerance Education Center about the Holocaust. I have had some dramatic experiences and want to share the stories. I am writing a book that would make a good movie and I have at least 2 more good books ready to write.



Brief Chat with the Author:

Tell in one paragraph why people should buy your book:
It is an exciting and historic novel about an era that the schools in this country have not taught in depth.

Why did your write this book?
Learning about the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and his involvement in WWII historyI will give the reader an idea about why there is turmoil in the Middle East and who started it all.

How do you market your book and what helped the most for your personal sales?
Mostly I have sold books to independent book stores in small towns like Seaside, Oregon, at book clubs, to friends, and interested people I have met in the course of my days.